Museum Secrets • Documentary series Season 3 Produced by Bob Lang, Kensington Communications

            CSA Nomination, Best Music Score for None Fictional TV series

Museum Secrets • Documentary series Produced by Robert Lang, Steve Gamester

           Gemini Nomination, Best Music Score for Documentary Series

Extraordinary Visitor • Feature Film, comedy starring Mary Walsh and Andy Jones produced by Film East


          Genie Nomination for Best Soundscore

Saving God • Feature Film starring Ving Rhames produced by Clear Entertainment

Sun Dogs • Feature Documentary, produced by Andrea Stewart and Chris Blackwell of Palm Pictures

The Marsh • Horror-Thriller Feature Film starring Gabrielle Anwar and Forest Whitaker

Troubled WatersFeature Film, a thriller starring Jennifer Beals

Paradise Falls • Comedy TV Series for Showcase produced by Breakthrough Productions(3 seasons)

I Declare War • Feature Movie produced by Lewin Web and Robert Wilson

Grindstone Road
• Feature Film, thriller for Peace Arch Entertainment produced by Lewin Webb

Decoding Christianity • Documentary TV series produced by Tile Films - 6 part mini series by Stephen Rooke

All The Good Ones Are Married • TV Movie for Peace Arch Entertainment, starring Daryl Hannah

Pet Pharm • Documentary for CBC Doc Zone, produced by White Pine Pictures, directed by Patrick Reed

Men With Guns • Feature Film starring Paul Sorvino by Norstar Enterntainment, directed by Kari Skogland

72 Hours: True Crime • 3 seasons, TV series for CBC Television, Produced by Bob Lang, Kensington Communications

Midnight Movies • Documentary on the Midnight Movie phenomena for Star TV by Stuart Samuels

The Cradle • Horror Feature Film, starring Lukas Haas

Years From Here • Documentary for "Nature of Things" produced by Wildzone Films, directed by John Walker

Never Forget • Dramatic Feature with Lou Diamond Philips. Produced by Peace Arch Entertainment

Harms Way • Dramatic Feature Film produced by Peace Arch Entertainment, Directed by Melanie Orr

The Wives He Forgot • Dramatic Comedy TV Movie starring Molly Ringwald for Lifetime USA

The Veteran • Dramatic Feature Film produced by Peace Arch Entertainment starring Michael Ironside

Heartstopper • Horror Feature Film produced by Peace Arch Entertainment directed by Bob Keen

A Lobster Tale • Dramatic Feature Film starring Colm Meaney for Darius Films

Mob Stories 2 • Four 1 hour docs on the Canadian Mafia, Producer Peter Gentile of MDF Productions